Bahrain court upholds death sentences and prison terms linked to terrorist cell

DUBAI: Bahrain’s supreme court of appeal Monday upheld death sentences for two men convicted of forming a terrorist group that attacked security forces.

Prison terms for dozens of others on terror-related charges were also upheld, BNA state news agency reported.

The court, whose rulings are final, also stripped 47 of the defendants of their Bahraini citizenship.

The court upheld life terms for 19 convicts and sentenced 37 others to between five and 15 years in jail, the statement said.

The men were charged of forming a “terror cell” that carried out a number of attacks, killing at least two policemen and wounding several others.

They were also convicted of smuggling weapons by boat, attacking a prison and helping a number of inmates flee, and undergoing military training in Iraq and Iran.

Thirty-six of those convicted, including the two sentenced to death, are being held in jail while the rest were sentenced in absentia.

In a separate case, the Gulf state’s top court upheld lengthy jail terms against 19 Shiites on charges of spying for Iran and plotting to overthrow the regime, BNA reported.

The court confirmed life terms for eight of those convicted, 15-year jail terms for nine and 10-year terms for two others, with the citizenship of 15 of them revoked.

The group was convicted of leaking information to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards and Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah and of receiving “material support” from the two forces.

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«سرافراز»؛ مهره نزاع نیابتی «احمدی نژاد» /به شماره افتادن صبر ایران در مقابل نقض برجام/ آدرس اشتباه ندهید جنگ جای دیگری است

توقف سهمیه بندی بنزین بازگشت کارت سوخت، شفافیت و پاسخگویی پادزهر فساد، قیمت خودرو ترمز کشید، تل‌آویو با ۷۰۰ موشک مقاومت تسلیم شد، چهارشنبه، پاسخ متقابل ایران به خروج آمریکا از برجام، چرا سیلاب به تهران خسارت نزد، گزینه مناظره روی میز است!، بازگشت چین و آمریکا به جنگ تجاری، دولت؛ گره انتخاباتی اصلاح‌طلبان، ضرورت بررسی اصلاح قیمت حامل‌های انرژی و افسارگسیختگی پراید و تن ماهی و ماکارونی از مواردی است که موضوع گزارش‌های خبری و تحلیلی روزنامه‌های امروز شده است.

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Turkey’s election board orders rerun for Istanbul mayor

The opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) won control of both Istanbul and capital city Ankara in the March 31 local elections, dealing a blow to Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, known as AKP. But in Istanbul, the victory was a narrow one, with CHP at 48.79% of the vote — just ahead of AKP’s 48.51%.
According to Anadolu, the re-run will take place on June 23 and Ekrem Imamoglu, Istanbul’s new CHP mayor, had his mayoral certificate canceled by YSK on Monday.
Monday’s ruling was denounced by Turkey’s opposition as “plain dictatorship.” “It is illegal to win against the [AKP] Party,” CHP’s Deputy Chairman Onursal Adiguzel said on Twitter, according to Reuters.

“This system that overrules the will of the people and disregards the law is neither democratic, nor legitimate. This is plain dictatorship.”

Blow to Erdogan

The ruling AKP had appealed to the board in April to annul the result in Istanbul and hold a re-vote, after raising questions about potential voter fraud.

Claiming “organized irregularities,” AKP Deputy Chairman Ali İhsan Yavuz said there was “only one body to clear the questions. It is Supreme Election Council. Their decisions are binding for all of us.”

Reuters reports that the YSK had already ordered partial and full recounts across Istanbul. Imamoglu took office in April as the recounts were completed.

Before March’s vote, the AKP and its predecessor have consistently won in Istanbul’s local elections since the 1990s, when Erdogan launched his political career there as mayor.

Erdogan served as the face of AKP’s local election campaigns this year, and the elections were widely seen as a referendum on his government.

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Hariri warns of budget failure cost to Lebanon's economy

Mon, 2019-05-06 19:50

BEIRUT: Prime Minister Saad Hariri said on Monday Lebanon was far from bankruptcy but failure to pass a “realistic” budget that brings down the state deficit would be tantamount to a “suicide operation” against the economy.
Hariri also said once the new budget is approved, financial institutions would raise Lebanon’s sovereign ratings, and criticised “preemptive” strikes by public sector workers who fear their salaries and benefits will be cut.
He was speaking in televised comments after a meeting with President Michel Aoun and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. The government is debating the draft budget.

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Saad Hariri

Lebanon stock trading suspended over central bank strikePrime Minister Hariri: Lebanon should learn from Egypt’s economic development

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Applications invited for jobs in Justice Ministry

Mon, 2019-05-06 23:30

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Justice has invited men and women to apply for job openings in courtrooms and notary offices throughout the Kingdom.

Applicants for the grade-6 vacancies at the ministry, must hold a bachelor’s degree in legal fields and be fluent in the Arabic language. They will also be required to have administrative and social specializations, along with accounting, record-keeping and archiving experience.

The positions can be applied for through the ministry’s website, and the National Center for Assessment (Qiyas) will test to see if candidates meet the required standards. The registration process begins on May 19 and will continue for one week.

On Sunday, the king issued a royal order appointing 54 judges at the Ministry of Justice.

Justice Minister Walid Al-Samaani expressed his thanks and appreciation to the king for his continuing support for the judiciary. The ministry has trained around 16,000 employees over the past four years to develop the workforce and raise its productivity level. 


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Saudi Ministry of Justice

Saudi Justice Ministry sets up electronic portal for courtsSaudi Justice Ministry improves digital integration

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France Telecom ex-bosses go on trial over suicide wave

WINDSOR, UK: A beaming Prince Harry said his wife Meghan gave birth to a baby boy early Monday morning.
Harry says he’s “incredibly proud” of his wife and that they have a healthy baby boy who weighs 7 pounds 3 ounces. He has not yet been named.
Harry said the child was a little bit overdue and that had given them more time to contemplate names. He says he is ecstatic about the birth of their first child and said more details will be shared in the coming days.
“This little baby is absolutely to die for,” he said. “I’m just over the moon.”

The infant will be seventh in line to the British throne and Queen Elizabeth II’s eighth great-grandchild. Harry is the younger son of Prince Charles, the next in line to the throne, and the late Princess Diana, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997.
The child will be eligible for dual British-US citizenship if Meghan and Harry want to go through the application process.
Harry, speaking before TV cameras on Monday afternoon was present for the birth, which he said was an amazing experience. The couple has said they didn’t find out the baby’s sex in advance.
Senor royals have been informed of the birth, as has the family of Princess Diana, Harry’s late mother.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was formerly known as Meghan Markle and was a TV star before retiring from acting to marry Harry at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle a year ago.
Journalists and well-wishers have camped out for days in Windsor, about 35 kilometers west of London, awaiting the baby’s arrival.

Meghan, a California native, had a starring role on the American TV series “Suits.” She had a previous marriage that ended in divorce and has strong feminist views. As the daughter of a black mother and a white father, she says she identifies as biracial.
Harry, who has said he wanted to protect his wife from intrusive media coverage, and Meghan have said they plan to keep many of the details of the birth private.
The birth marks the completion of Harry’s transformation from troubled teenager to committed military man to proud father. He has long spoken of his desire to start a family.

He and his older brother, Prince William, along with their wives, are seen by many in Britain as the new, fresh face of a royal family that had become stodgy and aged. They are raising the next generation of royals amid a genuine groundswell of public support for the monarchy.
Meghan in particular represents a change for the royals: She is American, older than her husband, divorced, and comes from a biracial background.
She also achieved considerable success in her own right before agreeing to a blind date with Harry that changed both their lives. Meghan had an important role in the popular TV series “Suits” and had a wide following even before she joined the world’s most famous royal family.
Harry and Meghan recently moved from central London to a secluded house known as Frogmore Cottage near Windsor Castle. The move is seen in part as reflecting a desire for privacy as they raise their first child.
It also separates Harry and Meghan from William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, who had been living in the same compound at Kensington Palace in central London.


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بازگشت آرامش به غزه پس از اجرایی شدن آتش‌بس

منابع به الجزیره گفتند، توافق آتش‌بس بین گروه‌های مقاومت فلسطین و رژیم صهیونیستی از ساعت چهار و نیم صبح امروز (دوشنبه) وارد فاز اجرایی شد و به نظر می‌رسد گروه‌های مقاومت نیز به این توافق پایبند هستند.

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Orange: French executives on trial for harassment after a wave of suicides

The trial of the company and former CEO Didier Lombard, began Monday in Paris. Five other former executives, and one who still works for the company, are also being tried in the same case.

Some of the executives are accused of “psychological harassment,” while others face charges of “complicity,” according to a spokesperson for the prosecutors.

Prosecutors allege there was a “corporate strategy” to create an “anxiety-inducing work environment” that destabilized employees and undermined their dignity, according to the spokesperson.

The labor union that represents Orange workers said that 19 workers committed suicide between 2007 and 2010. Another 12 employees attempted suicide during the time period.

Prosecutors opened an investigation into the suicides at Orange, which was formerly known as France Telecom, in 2009.

How to get help for someone who might be suicidal

The trial is scheduled to last around two months and individuals found guilty could face jail time and fines. Only one of the executives on trial is still employed by the company.

The suicides coincided with a major restructuring of the telecom company that followed a privatization and a government bailout. Directed by Lombard, the overhaul aimed to reduce its workforce by 22,000 over three years.

The union has accused management of using “particularly violent methods of institutionalized harassment” to intimidate employees into leaving.

Orange (FNCTF) did not respond to several requests for comment on Monday. The company has previously denied accusations of harassment and said it would defend itself in court.
Lawyers for Lombard were not available to comment. The former CEO previously denied the suicides were connected to working conditions at Orange and said he’s done nothing wrong, according to media reports.

Orange is the first company of its size to face trial for psychological harassment in France. Its shares were trading slightly lower in Paris as the trial got underway.

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Go from sunset to suhoor with Serb Studio

DUBAI: You may not have heard of Serb Studio yet, but the modest fashion brand has already dressed famous YouTuber Haifa Beseisso — the Palestinian-American force behind “Fly with Haifa” — as well as Saudi-born Lujain Abulfaraj, co-founder and designer of Twothirds Design Studio. One of its outfits has also been spotted on UAE-based modest fashion influencer Saufeeya Bint Goodson (aka @saufeeya). Both Beseisso and Goodson have nearly half a million followers each on Instagram alone. That’s pretty good going for a label that debuted exactly a year ago last May.

You may be wondering what the label’s secret to its excellent exposure is, despite having only launched in 2018. Well, there’s no doubt an element of women supporting other women — Serb Studio was founded by Emirati siblings Noor, Sarah and Budoor Al-Khaja. But above all that, the designs are simple, elegant and beautiful, with clean cuts that suit any silhouette.

This clean trend continues in Serb Studio’s Ramadan/Eid 2019 collection, which the sisters say presents their “signature clean cut designs, with new touches of delicate embroidery.”

Taking inspiration from the trends of the Spring/Summer 2019 season, the sisters have combined the cuts with bold, colourful tones to create pieces that are “contemporary, culturally conscious yet timeless (and) that exude calm confidence.” Add to that Moroccan-style embroidery and you’re left with a spectacular line of abayas, dresses, kaftans, trousers and more. We’re sure we’ve spotted a cape or two in there too.

Dress for the occasion

The beauty of these pieces is that they are extremely versatile. You can go from sunset to suhoor quite easily, and the free-flowing material will leave you feeling comfortable throughout the evening. Highlights include a striking embellished kaftan, offered in a colour palette of red, metallic, copper, teal, white or black. While the pieces make for a great outfit for a special occasion, some of them can also be dressed down for work engagements.

It’s exciting to see where this new label is headed, as the Al-Khaja sisters no doubt have a bright future ahead of them. Not only can we see them appearing at local events such as Dubai Modest Fashion Week, they have the potential to gain exposure beyond the Gulf too.

“Serb Studio’s collection truly brings out the finest in a woman, making her look and feel empowered and confident in every piece,” the designers said in a statement, adding that the Dubai-based studio specialises in “of-the-moment modest clothing, crafted using exceptional and exquisite textiles that exude quality (and) modernity.

“Serb Studio’s take lends women a novel perspective on modest clothing, with its trendy kaftans, modern formal wear, evening abayas and comfortable travel wear.”

Serb Studio’s entire Ramadan collection is available for purchase via its online store,, throughout the Holy Month.

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