Riyadh ramps up Ramadan tourism efforts

DUBAI: Stronger relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq will mean more stability in the region, particularly when it comes to stemming the influence of Iran, according to experts who commented on a recent agreement promoting co-operation between the two countries.Exerting more influence in Iraq will prove crucial for the Kingdom, they explained, as Iran’s close […]

Award is offered — and rescinded — for ‘American Pie’ singer

FOCA, Bosnia: Thousands of Muslims flocked to the town of Foca on Saturday for the reopening of a historic mosque leveled at the beginning of the Bosnian war, in a ceremony aimed at encouraging religious tolerance between deeply divided communities.The 16th century Aladza Mosque was one of the most prominent masterpieces of classical Ottoman architecture […]

«ساعد باقری» مجری برنامه سحر شبکه چهار سیما

«سحوری» از اولین سحرگاه ماه مبارک رمضان، با ساختاری متفاوت و زنده هر شب ساعت 3 بامداد آغاز و تا بعد از اذان صبح پخش آن ادامه می‌یابد. Source link

China denies having ‘concentration camps,’ tells US to ‘stop interfering’

“The Communist Party is using the security forces for mass imprisonment of Chinese Muslims in concentration camps,” Schriver said. The disputed term is closely associated with the death camps of 1940s Nazi Germany, where up to six million people lost their lives. In recent years, the government has detained large numbers of Uyghurs in what […]

Syrian Kurds reshape region with books and schools

QAMISHLI: When Eyub Mohamad was a boy, security forces beat his father into paralysis. His offense was typing leaflets in Kurdish, banned under Syria’s ruling Baath party. Mohamad, with his family, fed and bathed his father for years. Wary of the typewriter that landed his father in interrogation rooms, he avoided learning to read his own […]

Plans in place for safety of Makkah Grand Mosque visitors

MAKKAH: The General Security Aviation Command is deploying all capacities to serve pilgrims and visitors to Makkah’s Grand Mosque during the Umrah season in the holy month of Ramadan.  These measures are part of a comprehensive plan in coordination with the security, health and services authorities.  The command has started carrying out daily sorties in […]